Education is a fundamental factor for the progress of a region. Limited educators as well as inadequate infrastructure is one factor that underlies our concern in the field of education. Therefore, the Company that help local communities through a variety of educational programs, among others:

Reading House

As the ongoing program, the Company established two libraries, namely Rumah Upit and Rumah Thio. These libraries aims to increase the children’s creativity and imagination through various activities such as crafts and art, puzzle, quiz, outbound and introducing basic English for children. Moreover, the libraries can be be a forum for people to be able broaden their insight and knowledge through reading.

School Renovation‚Äč

The Company arrange the school renovation program for Labanyarit Primary School in collaboration with the District Military Command 0910/ mln. This program focuses on the physical changes and the facilities additions, such as the blackboards, set of tables and chairs. Through this program, the Company expects both students and teachers can implement better learning activities, in a more adequate place.


The scholarships is given to the student based on their achievement to continue their education to a higher level. In 2015 the Company granted scholarships to four outstanding students, each of which is come from the Gong Solok, Malinau Kota, Plancau and Langap. This program will also continue to be implemented in 2016.